Medic First Aid

Linda Copeland

The Ohio District Medic First Aid Coordinator is Linda Copeland. To request a class contact Linda by phone, mail, or email.  
Linda Copeland
5278 St. Rt. 29 E.
Sidney, Ohio 45365

GWRRA Rider Education has traditionally encouraged members to obtain and maintain certifications in First Aid and CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation). These basic skills are easily learned, but may make the difference between life and death in the critical minutes before professional help can arrive. There are a number of fine providers of this type of training available, including familiar names such as the American Red Cross and the American Heart Association.

Medic First Aid PatchGWRRA is a recognized corporate provider of the MEDIC FIRST AID international® program. As such, our certified instructor members are able to provide this high quality program to other members at a very affordable cost. In addition to First Aid and CPR, many of the Districts are proud to have recently added an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) training option to the available courses.

Whatever your preferred provider, we strongly encourage you to get trained and stay current in your certification. “Education and Preparedness" are important steps in fulfillment of our motto, “Safety Is For Life." If you would like to have more information on becoming a GWRRA MEDIC FIRST AID Instructor, contact your District coordinator listed below.

Scheduled Classes

DATE: January 11, 2020

HOSTED BY: Chapter E-2 / X2 at Toyota Training Center, 4550 Creek Rd., Blue Ash, Ohio (corner of Creek Road & Reed Hartman Highway)

INSTRUCTORS: Chuck & Melanie Geggie and Linda Copeland

CONTACT: Melanie Geggie at

DATE:  February 15, 2020

HOSTED BY:  Chapter A Location TBD

INSTRUCTORS: Mike Monday, Linda Copeland

CONTACT: Mike Monday at

DATE: February 22, 2020

HOSTED BY: Ch. M at Dino’s Restaurant 10941 Mahoning Ave., North Jackson, Ohio

INSTRUCTORS: Robert G. & Angela Williams

CONTACT: Becky Jones at


DATE: March 14, 2020

HOSTED BY: Chapter B at Tiro Firehouse, 102 Main Street, Tiro, Ohio

INSTRUCTORS: Linda Copeland & Robert G. Williams

CONTACT: Cathy Nighswander at

DATE: March 21, 2020

HOSTED BY: Chapter T at the home of Mike & Andie Dorsey

INSTRUCTORS:  Robert G. & Angela Williams

CONTACT: Keith Williams at

DATE: March 28, 2020

HOSTED BY: Chapter C3 and P at Hungry Bear  9261 Norwalk Rd, Litchfield, Ohio 44253

INSTRUCTORS: Robert G. & Angela Williams

CONTACT: Philip Vink at


When arranging a class, a minimum of 6 students is requested. The class size maximum is 24 students. If the class size is 12 or less one instructor is needed. Two instructors are needed for 13 – 24 members. The fee is $25.00 per member. Checks are made payable to GWRRA of Ohio. The requesting officer is responsible for collecting the fees and sending them and the final roster of the pre-registered participants to the MFA coordinator two weeks prior to the class.

Also include three possible date choices for the class. This will allow for flexibility when arranging training equipment and instructors. Include the name and full address of the facility where the class is scheduled to be held.

The district of Ohio and myself included would like to thank chapters I, P, T, Y, F, and T2 for monetary donations in 2019 to Medic First Aid.  These donations helped greatly in making Ohio compliant in updating equipment.

Trauma First Aid Kits-Suggested content for a Trauma First Aid kit:

n  CPR/Mask or Micro shield                                            2 – 3 pairs of gloves non-latex

n  Face Shield                                                                         Eye wash

n  4 – 6 large rolls of 4” gauze                                            4 – 6 large rolls of 2 – 3” gauze

n  4 blood stopper pads or large surgical type pads

n  Assorted Gauze pads (non-stick if possible)         Assorted Band Aids

n  Adhesive tape-two minimum                                     Trauma type scissors

n  2 – 4 eye pads (need to cover both eyes if one is injured)

n  Cleansing compresses                                                   Betadine Swabs

n  Wound Wash                                                                     3 Triangular Bandages                                                               Ace bandages – large and medium

n  Sam Splint or other Splints that are small but can be lengthened if needed

n  Pneumosplints – assorted                                           Tweezers

n  Cold packs                           Hot packs                            Shock Blanket

n  Biomedical Waste Bag                                                    Hand Sanitizer – waterless

n  Glucose gel tube                                                              Antibiotic Ointment