2021 Couple and Individual of the Year

Chapter F

Linda Wise

Bob & Janice Downs

Chapter S

Willard Joe Weaver

Jeff and Tena Pettit

Couple of the Year

Chapter E2-Rick and Cathy Boehmer

Chapter Y-Jim and April Hawkins

Individual of the Year

Chapter E2-Joann Marston

2020 Couple and Individual of the Year

Chapter A– Dick and Judy Boyle

Chapter A3-Harold and Dorothy Hollister

Chapter B-Charlie and Phyllis Barnette

Chapter E2-Rick and Carolyn Siermenn

Chapter F-Bob and Janice Downs

Chapter I-Dick and Judy Boyle

Chapter I2-Jim and Joyce Berry

Chapter M-Dave Moretz and Gerry Wilson

Chapter S-Ray and Terri Kisaberth

Chapter T-Rick and Doreen Smith

Chapter T2-Roger and Penny Hurley

Chapter V-Guy and Janice Kirkpatrick

Chapter V2-Mike and Bonnie Ackerman

Chapter Y-Steve and Tammy Lynch

Chapter A-Terry Hampshire

                     –Lois Monday

Chapter A3-Mike Ryan

Chapter B-Carol Culler

Chapter C3– Betty Robinson

Chapter E2-Pat Marston

Chapter F– Linda Wise

Chapter P-Pat Murray

Chapter S-Jeff Pettit

Chapter T2-Jerry Miller

Chapter Y-Carl Parrish