COY/IOY of the Year Coordinator

Doug and Lynn Kerst



GWRRA’s Couple of the Year Program was instituted in 1988 as a successor to our nine-year tradition of selecting a Wing Ding Queen to serve as ambassador for our association. First and foremost, the program provides an opportunity for local Chapters to recognize and honor a Couple each year for their dedication, accomplishments, and participation within the Chapter. Secondly, it establishes a process for identifying
outstanding Couples who can serve their Districts, and ultimately the International GWRRA organization. These Couples demonstrate what it means to be a committed, involved, and supporting member of the GWRRA family.

The Couple of the Year Program is one of the premier programs of GWRRA and with the changing dynamics in membership demographics, the Program is continually evolving to adapt to the needs of the membership. We are now moving from a single International Couple of the Year Selection covering North America, to the
establishment of six International Couples of the Year covering five North American territories and one territory encompassing all Overseas membership. This will allow our Couple of the Year Program greater physical
coverage of our membership on a global scale and offers our Couples a more attainable goal as the field opens up.

2022 Couple and Individual of the Year

Chapter Couple of the Year

Chapter B- Chet and Karen Zellner

Chapter E2- Ron and Lucy Arlinghaus

Chapter F-Rudy and Linda Copeland

Chapter S-Don and Pat Price

Chapter Y- Dave and Lou Ann Bouchard

Chapter Individual of the Year

Chapter B-Gail Miller

Chapter E2-Eric Shively

Chapter F-Don Rammel

Chapter S- Sandy White

Chapter Couple of The Year

Chapter A-Jerry Houtz and Deb Johnson

Chapter B-Chet and Karen Zellner

Chapter I2- Dave and Colleen Dasher

Chapter F-Rudy and Linda Copeland

Chapter E2-Ron and Lucy Arlinghaus

Chapter I-Richard and Mary Stewart

Chapter P– Bob and Kathy Dunlap

Chapter S-Don and Pat Price

Chapter T- Ron and Marily Good

Chapter V2-Bonnie and Mike Aekerman

Chapter Y-David and Lou Ann Bouchard

Individual of The Year

Chapter A- Floyd Ballen

Chapter B-Gail Miller

Chapter C3- Roy Bahle and Jim Hopper

Chapter F- Don Rammel

Chapter E2- Eric Shively

Chapter S-Sandy White

2021 Couple and Individual of The Year

Chapter A-Dick and Judi Boyle

Chapter B-Charlie and Phyllis Barnette

Chapter F– Bob and Janice Downs

Chapter E2-Rick and Cathy Boehmer

Chapter I-2-Kim and Joyce Berry

Chapter P-Bob and Kathy Dunlap

Chapter S-Jeff and Tena Pettit

Chapter Y-Jim and April Hawkins

Chapter A-Terri Hampshire and Louis Monday

Chapter B-Caroll Culler

Chapter E2-Joann Marston

Chapter F- Linda Wise

Chapter S-Willard Joe Weaver

2020 Couple and Individual of the Year

Chapter A– Dick and Judy Boyle

Chapter A3-Harold and Dorothy Hollister

Chapter B-Charlie and Phyllis Barnette

Chapter E2-Rick and Carolyn Siermenn

Chapter F-Bob and Janice Downs

Chapter I-Dick and Judy Boyle

Chapter I2-Jim and Joyce Berry

Chapter M-Dave Moretz and Gerry Wilson

Chapter S-Ray and Terri Kisaberth

Chapter T-Rick and Doreen Smith

Chapter T2-Roger and Penny Hurley

Chapter V-Guy and Janice Kirkpatrick

Chapter V2-Mike and Bonnie Ackerman

Chapter Y-Steve and Tammy Lynch

Chapter A-Terry Hampshire

                     –Lois Monday

Chapter A3-Mike Ryan

Chapter B-Carol Culler

Chapter C3– Betty Robinson

Chapter E2-Pat Marston

Chapter F– Linda Wise

Chapter P-Pat Murray

Chapter S-Jeff Pettit

Chapter T2-Jerry Miller

Chapter Y-Carl Parrish