Good Evening GWRRA Members

The Ohio District Team has made the decision to cancel Cabin Fever 2021. This is due to a lack of registrations by the membership: most likely caused by the covid19 scare. Unfortunately the virus seems to be still be running our lives.  We will be planning on a “fun weekend with a mini theme of “Mask"erade  for the weekend of Cabin Fever. February 12th and 13th, with most of the District Team arriving on the 12th. There will be no planned activities by the District Team, no games, etc. The plated dinner will not be held either. You can still get your room at the GWRRA rate of $95.00 plus tax until January 14th. The block of rooms will be lifted on January 15th.  Salt Fork Lodge has a swimming pool and a hot tub and we have been told that both will be open by that weekend. Of course there will be limits on numbers in each and as soon as we know more we will send that information out to the membership.   
If you have already sent your registration in for CF, your checks will either be returned to you or if you were very early and they have been cashed, you will receive a refund.
This was not an easy decision to make and we are sorry to have to cancel but we have no other choice at this time. Hopefully this will all go away soon and we can get on with our lives and enjoy each others company once again.

Roy & Becky Jones

List of Objects for the game “Lets Make a Deal” 


1. Dental Floss

2. Deck of Cards

3. Magnifying Glass

4. Rubberband

5. Band Aid

6. Nail clippers

7. Marker

8. Safety Pin

9. Food Card or Gift Card

10. Lip Stick or Lip Gloss or Chap Stick

11. $100.00

12. Lottery Ticket

13. Condom

14. Picture of yourself

15. Passport

16. Bobby Pin

17. Clothespin

18. Receipt

19. Pencil

20. Comb

21. GWRRA membership form