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Hey Wingers….

I first joined GW in 2005, it was July to be exact.  Prior to that I had been what the “MC” folks called a plebe, Probie, or a lot of other names.  But in any case I hung around.  Because I joined so late in the season, I missed the first year Ashland BR.  But I made wing ding, and Region “D” in Marshall Michigan. (Who had the best light show parade EVER).

One of the things that always impressed me was the rally’s.  Just the hugeness of them, and the comradery and friendship around the campgrounds.

I miss the crowds… I surely do.  Particularly the camping.

I remember my first rally, and boy was I unprepared for the camping experience.  My little waist high pup tent was just not going to make it for the next season.  So said Dee.

The next year I remember that the last rally with a large camping attendance was Marietta in 2007, and 2008.  It was also my first where I actually came prepared.  I recall how we packed in that fairground, and the lines of tents, bunkhouses, and other campers seemed endless, and there were folks as far as the eye could see.  I remember this because it was the last rally with large attendance for my hoe chapter H2.

In fact the fairgrounds were so crowded that some areas actually ran out of electrical capacity at the poles.  Thus were the numbers of people needing power.

Over these 16 years I have witnessed the constant shrinkage of camping attendance at the rallies.  And it hurts.  Yes I know GWRRA has had its problems, and oh boy it still does.  I know these “issues” are why a lot of you left the fold, for other organizations, bikes or just quit riding, and sadly some members are just not with us anymore.

But for those of you that left for personal issues, ok I get it you may hate the organization, or even some people IN the organization.  You may have a bitter taste about how you may or may not have been treated, but don’t you miss the people?  Don’t you miss, the camping out at the rally’s, and the fun?

Don’t you miss the experience?
Come back…. If you don’t ride, then pull your camper with a car or truck.  If you don’t have a camper, hell I’ll lend you a tent.  I have 3 (including that little pup tent) and bedding to go with it.  What do “I” have to do to get you back to camping and at the rally.

Look I’m not asking you to forgive and forget, I’m not asking you to rejoin anything.  I’m asking you to come on out, camp out and have the type of fun, which you used to have.

You remember what it was like.

I’ m asking you to come back, and do that…


Seminars at Buckeye Rally

1)Road Captain

2)Running Mountain hills and curves


4)Distractive driving

5)Team Riding


Host Hotel is Hope Hotel & Richard C. Holbrooke Conference Center
10823 Chidlaw Rd., Dayton, OH 937-879-2696
Please mention GWRRA for the discounted rate of $116   

See map below for distance 

Thomsen from T2 Cycle Center will present some tech information and answer questions at 2:00 P.M. both Friday and Saturday

There will be a TRC ride course only on Wednesday before Buckeye Rally.  You have to have a full registration for Buckeye Rally to go to this free event.  The course is limited to 12 bikes and must have on your registration that you want to take the class. This is range only TRC and you need to be there by 8:00 at the range location. As of April 9th there is 7 spots left.