About Ohio Gold Wing Road Riders Association

26 Ohio Chapters
We have hundreds of members throughout Ohio. Find a chapter near you today!
There's SO much to do
When you join a chapter, you'll have access to rides, picnics, rally's, safety training, guest speakers, advanced riding classes, and much more. Best of all, you'll be joining a group of great people who all share a passion for riding.
Helpful, Courteous Staff
We all share a love for riding, and the staff at Ohio GWRRA are no different. We always enjoy riding the open road with friends, and we're here to help get you there. We invite you to reach out to the section directory in your area, to see how we can help.
Monthly Newsletters
Ohio GWRRA is always active and there's so much to share. We are proud to publish monthly newsletters to keep you up to date. When you become a member, and if you choose, we'll put you on our newsletter directory, so you can stay in the know with what's happening.

It's not the destination, it's the ride.

The Ohio District of Gold Wing Road Riders Association prides itself in following the leadership of our National organization. With 26 active chapters encompassing the state, our members do not have to travel far to find a chapter to call home. Indeed many of our members call multiple chapters home. They never have a shortage of fun gatherings to attend, fun places to visit and fun people to be with.

Roy & Becky Jones
Ohio GWRRA Directors

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