Traveling Plaque-OHIO GWRRA


Historical Wings   Marietta

44 Acme St
Marietta, Ohio
1st Thursday
of the month
6:00pm - Dinner
7:00pm - Meeting
Chapter Director: John & Dee Ayers (740) 896-3073
Asst. Chapter Director:    
Asst. Chapter Director:    
Ride Coordinator:    
Educator: Doug & Delores Barth (740) 525-2778
Couple of the Year:  Don & Jinny Dye (740) 525-0888
Individual of Year: Doug & Delores Barth (740) 984-4797

A plan was hatched, the time and place set, and 20 members volunteered to go.  It was time for Ohio GWRRA Chapter B to capture the District Traveling Plaque.  Susan Kennedy planned the ride and we all met at 11 A.M. on Thursday, June 7, to travel 132 miles to Chapter A3's meeting at Shoney's on Acme Street in Marietta.  Rich Faeth and Susan lead the group with Don Schroeder and Deb Parks taking the tail.  Other travelers were Al and Cathy Nighswander, Frank and Alice Snyder, Larry and Debbe Steinhilber, Jerry and Rita Eldridge, Larry and Karen Bland, Jim and Carol Culler, and Mick and Virginia Colvin. After finishing work, Charlie and Phyliss Barnett set out on their own to meet the group in Marietta for the capture.  We were welcomed by wonderful members of A3.  After dinner, the meeting, door prizes, Al and Cathy, Chapter Directors, were given the Traveling Plaque from A3 Chapter Director Dee Akers.  After spending the night in Marietta, the group took the scenic route 60 most of the way home.

Even the threat of rain could not dampen the spirits of this triumphant group.