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Are you ready to ride? Is your Wing all checked out & prepped for the trips you have planned this year? Have you prepared yourself for the riding season? Are you armed with your recruiting materials and knowledge of GWRRA and its benefits?

When you run across a potential member, you can tell them all of the fun things they are missing out on? Remember, someone probably talked to you once upon a time and got you to join - are you trying to do the same so others can join in the fun?

The Rally season is upon us; Indiana in May, Ohio in June, Region D/Michigan in August and of course Wing Ding  August 29th thru September 2nd, plus others you may travel to in other Districts and Regions. Always have the recruiting mindset. You never know if you're talking to a potential member or not unless you ask. Enjoy the Summer!

Mother's Day Facts
Mother's Day originated in the United States in the early 1900s. Although there are older traditions that celebrate similar holidays, they are not considered to be the origins of Mother's Day. Mother's Day is meant to honor mothers and their influence in society, maternal bonds and motherhood itself. In the United States and Canada it is celebrated on the second Sunday in May, but in other parts of the world it is sometimes celebrated in March, as well as in other months.

The first Mother's Day was celebrated in 1908. Anna Jarvis honored her mother Ann Jarvis with a memorial. Ann Jarvis had started a committee in 1868 to establish ‘Mother's Friendship Day'. Her motivation had been to reunite families after the Civil War. She died in 1905, before Mother's Day became a holiday.

Mother's Day became a recognized holiday in 1914 in the United States.

Approximately 122 million phone calls are made to moms on Mother's Day in the United States.  In most countries and languages, the word for mother begins with ‘m'.

Of all the flowers bought for holidays, one quarter are purchased for Mother's Day.

The most common flower for Mother's Day is the carnation; pink and red for mothers who are alive and white for those who have passed away.

Common gifts on Mother's Day include: flowers, dinner or lunch in a restaurant, jewelry, gift cards, clothing and treats such as a trip to a spa. Books, CDs, housewares and gardening tools are popular gifts as well.

The amount of money spent on Mother's Day in the U.S. is approximately $14 billion.