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Phoenix, AZ (March 8, 2012) — Dave Carter, International Deputy Director of Regions J,I,F,H,E has come up with ideas to enhance the Find-A-Friend “Never Pay Dues Again” recruitment program that can now equally benefit Chapters and Districts.

In addition to individual GWRRA Members who recruit five new memberships, and receive a Find-A-Friend certificate for $55 that can be used for: GWRRA Membership Renewal, Wing Ding Registration, GWRRA Official Merchandise or Chapter Charter fees. Chapters and Districts can now work together to achieve their five new memberships and the chapter or district can spend the $55 (or more) on the following:

  • COY membership fees.
  • Send a potential prize winner to Wing Ding.
  • New Chapter Members pins & patches, to establish a free or nearly free patch shop.

Be SURE to write the Chapter or District info on the application that recruited a new membership (household) so we can keep track of your recruits. If your new recruits call Member Services or join online, make sure they mention or type in your Chapter or District information to receive credit.

There is no maximum number of gift certificates Chapters or Districts can earn!

For every five (5) new memberships (households) a Chapter or District recruits, they will receive a gift certificate with the equivalent value of a Family Membership- $55. You must recruit new Members only, not renewals. Each membership (household) counts as “ONE” regardless of the number of family members in the membership.

Memberships recruited during special events (mall shows, conventions, motorcycle shows, etc.) qualify for this program. Trial Membership applications may be used for the recruiting efforts. Membership fees must be paid to qualify for this Find-A-Friend program.

GWRRA will provide Find-A-Friend hangar tags, Find-A-Friend information recruiting cards, and Find-A-Friend inserts that explain the program to help your recruiting efforts. If you would like recruiting materials, all you have to do is e-mail or call Customer Service at 800-843-9460. They will be more than happy to send these great recruiting tools to you. In addition, you will be able to download the following from our Find-A-Friend website ( website ads, Chapter newsletter ads, printable Find-A-Friend applications, Find-A-Friend hangar tags, Find-A-Friend information recruiting cards and Find-A-Friend inserts that explain the program.

Dave Carter, International Deputy Director of Regions J,I,F,H,E

Manny Moreno, Marketing Manager
800-843-9460 ext. 274 /